Art has always been a central passion in my life. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I spent a lot of time visiting my grandparents on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay with my family. The love for tradition, history, and charm stayed with me as we relocated to the Midwest during my teenage years. Falling in love with the lakes and the outdoors, my appreciation for nature continued to flourish amidst the beautiful Minnesota landscape.

I grew up with parents who have a love and appreciation for art. Our home was adorned with beautiful artwork, which they continue to cherish to this day. My own passion for art began in childhood and persisted through college, where I studied painting and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Today, I try to recreate those memorable experiences with my husband and children, including visits to my parents in Florida. Influenced by my travels and the unique perspectives captured in my photographs, my paintings are a reflection of how I perceive the world. My husband and I reside just outside Minneapolis, where we cherish spending time with our two children and beloved dogs, Sadie and Duke.

I am deeply grateful for your kindness and support. Thank you to everyone who has purchased my art and encouraged me to keep going!